About Us


Welcome and thank you so much for taking the time to visit our blog! We are Joey and Jason Tenenbaum, newlyweds who are embarking on an exciting new journey: moving to a state where neither of us have previously lived. Jason recently accepted a job offer that will relocate our family from New York City to the Raleigh, North Carolina area. We are both looking forward to and appropriately nervous about the big move and adjusting to a new area of the country. Joey, who was born in Florida, is excited about the prospect of living in the South again, especially the close proximity to a Publix and the abundance of open parking lots. Jason, who is a native New Yorker, is cautiously optimistic about moving to the South and looking forward to the copious amounts of good BBQ. We hope you enjoy this chronicle of our life living this adventure, along with posts about our interests, passions, and musings.

For just a little bit more background on us, our story starts at law school in New York where we first met. (I know what you’re thinking. “Ugh. Lawyers.” But we are not all bad, we promise!) We met during our first year of law school, but due to the fact that we were not in the same classes, we only saw each other in passing while being involved in student organizations and school events. During our second year, we both earned a spot on the same academic journal and got to know each other better due to the constant contact of the journal, but were still just friends. Then, toward the middle of our third year, something just clicked and the rest is history. 

Besides both being lawyers, we are both nerds who truly compliment each other. Joey is a more traditional nerd, geeking out over history, literature, and sci-fi. While Jason, on the other hand, is very into the world of tech and is a self-taught coder. Joey, being the daughter of a chef, loves cooking and Jason enjoys eating all of her tasty concoctions and confections. Joey and Jason are also parents to a beautiful fur baby named Salem. (But let’s be real, he’s a cat, so he’s the one actually running the show around here.)