There’s a Reason I’m Not a Fashion Blogger

Exhibit A as to why I’m not a fashion blogger: I love this dress with the passion of 1,000 suns.


Oh yes, my friends, those are cats.

This post is in no way sponsored by Modcloth, I am just a sucker for and love to share strange cat things. The dress can be found here if anyone is interested, but unfortunately $79.99 is a bit too pricey for me, so I’ll be waiting until this [hopefully] goes on sale.

“You’re from Florida? Aren’t hurricanes like your thing?”

While we can now pretty safely say that Hurricane Maria won’t be a threat to us here in North Carolina, about this time last week when I was preparing for both Rosh Hashanah and going down to Florida to surprise my best friend for her bridal shower & bachelorette weekend, my stomach was in knots wondering if the storm would be making a bee-line for us. Looking at the forecasts, it had the potential to be a repeat of Irma where I would be away from the friends and family who were taking the brunt of the storm – this time, I would just be in Florida instead of Japan. How was this happening again???

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My Special Rosh Hashanah Gift to You

It’s that time of the year, my friends. No, it’s not just that time when the Days of Awe and the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are upon us. It is also the time when someone inevitably busts out a bottle of migraine-generatingly sweet Manischewitz wine to celebrate the yom tov.  Whether it is because no other kosher wine is available for the occasion, a yet-uninitiated guest brings it as a gift, or we just have a slightly masochistic flair for tradition, Manischewitz always seems to find its way to the Rosh Hashanah dinner table. And not only that, because hardly anyone is eager to down one full glass of the wine, let alone multiple, there is usually plenty left to spare after the holidays pass.     

So, what to do, what to do? Well, I have a solution for you and I call it the Mani-spritzer. 

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The Unique Experience of Being Terrified from over 7,000 Miles Away

Recently, Jason and I were very fortunate to be able to take a trip to Japan for our first anniversary. Japan is a place I have been fascinated with and have wanted to visit since I was probably about 10 years old when my mom let me watch the Shogun miniseries when it was being re-run on TV. It is a place that, even from early on in our relationship, Jason and I both agreed we wanted to travel to together some day. We had a fantastic time on the trip and in the next few weeks I’m excited to share some highlights of the trip as well as some tips/recommendations for anyone looking to take a trip to Japan in posts on the blog. However, this post has a slightly different purpose.

I can’t remember exactly what day it was, but early on in our trip, I noticed a few Florida friends posting on Facebook about a certain Hurricane Irma which was hanging out in the Atlantic and building in intensity.

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