It’s Not Goodbye, It’s Just I’ll See You Later

I think no blog about uprooting your life and moving from one area of the country to another would be complete without a post commemorating the goodbyes, even though I strongly believe that these send offs were not “goodbye”s, but just “I’ll see you later”s. (I think the fact that I myself took no photos at any of these get-togethers proves that sentiment – no pictures needed, I’ll see you soon! The one above is from the family get together, taken by a very nice employee at the restaurant at the request of Jason’s family.)

We were so blessed to have so many people from different areas of our life come together to wish us good luck. Unfortunately, we could not see everybody we wanted to before we left, which is something I feel bad about, but we will do our best see you guys on our next visit to NY! Below is a list of the great send offs that we did get to have and for which we are so thankful. 


My Current Firm

I think my first official send-off get together was with my coworkers at my firm. While I will continue to work with my firm remotely from North Carolina, we still all got together for goodbye dinner and drinks after work one night. I work with an interesting and diverse group of people, and it is so cool to spend time with them and get to know them outside of the work setting. This night was a great time filled with fun, laughs, and just kicking back and getting away from all work-related stress. 

My Old Firm

I have worked at only two firms since graduating from law school – my current firm and my old firm. I worked at my old firm both during law school and for three years after graduating. The place was very much like a family. There was a group of women I ate lunch with every day. The firm went through some very tough times while I was there – the unexpected loss of a long-time coworker to aggressive breast cancer, the loss of other coworkers’ family members. But it also went through some amazing times of happiness – at one point, every attorney in the offices surrounding mine were either pregnant themselves or their wives were pregnant. The baby boom ended up totaling I believe seven kids, all born within about five months of each other. Two of the attorneys’ sons were even born on the same day, in the same hospital, down the hall from each other. Needless to say, I formed some very important relationships in my time at the firm and I try to keep up with the people there as much as possible.  

So, with leaving New York, I knew I had to stop by. Thankfully, I was able to find time to go out with the ladies who lunch at one of the firm’s regular spots and catch up with them. A great friend of mine from law school who works at the firm was also able to meet us at the restaurant. It was nice to hear about what is going on at the firm, what changes there have been, and to talk to them about the move. After lunch, we all went back to the office and I spent the rest of the day just popping in people’s offices and catching up. 

Jason’s Work

I will never forget one of Jason and my mutual friends from law school cornering me in my kitchen during a Halloween party I was throwing to tell me that I absolutely HAD to get Jason to take the job at the consulting company where this guy worked and Jason had interviewed. (This is one of my absolute best friends from law school, so the situation is really not as awkward as it sounds, haha.) As I’m sure you can guess, Jason did (of his own free will) take the job, and honestly, that decision was the beginning of everything. Jason met some of the most amazing and talented people working at that company, and while they don’t all still work there, they have all remained friends. So it was an absolute no-brainer that we had to get together with the “alumni” group, as well as our friends who still work at the company, to have a send-off get together. 

We ended up at a rooftop bar, 230 Fifth, that I have not been to since my first summer in law school. It was raining out, so unfortunately we could not go outside, but this actually worked out for us in the end. Most people come to this place because they want the rooftop – it has a great view of the Empire State Building – so there were less people there overall and the indoor area didn’t feel packed.

This crowd of friends is a group of people who is so great because they are so diverse. You can talk about any topic – sports, work, movies, current events, even politics – and everyone has a great time. Needless to say, even though it was a weeknight, we stayed out pretty late catching up with and saying goodbye to these friends.


We were so touched that our local Chabad and its community members (which you can read more about in my post here) sponsored a Shabbat kiddush, a lunchtime meal after morning prayers on Shabbat (more info here), in our honor as a goodbye send off.  There had to have been at least 30 people there and the lunch prepared by the rebbetzin, Chaya, was amazing, as is the usual with her cooking. It was very hard not to get emotional as people expressed both their thanks for our involvement in the community, as well as their well wishes for blessings and success on our new endeavor. We stayed late into the afternoon talking with everyone and having a great time. 

I also have to mention that we had our own little Shabbat miracle at this kiddush. The rabbi had forgotten to put water in the cholent for it to cook overnight – oops – but somehow the water materialized and the cholent came out amazing. Another great memory that I will not soon forget about this send off.

Law School Friends

While we unfortunately missed out on seeing a large chunk of our law school friends before leaving, we did get to have dinner with a few of them at one of our go-to restaurants by the school, Cozymel’s. When we arrived, we found that they had some fantastic gifts waiting for us. Namely drink coasters, cocktail glasses, a cocktail shaker, and a cute tin carrier for it all that had little flamingos on it. They know us too well. While these are friends we don’t get to see as often anymore because we are all busy, working people, when we do get together, it is like we have never been apart. It was great to catch up with them talking about trips we have taken, work, and life in general. We will miss these friends, but hopefully they will come visit us soon!

People I Was Able to Fit in on the Fly

I have to give a special shout out to a few friends who made time to see me briefly even though their schedules were jam packed. One friend I was able to stop by her house last-minute even though it was her kids’ bed time. Another friend could not make it to the law school friends dinner, but stopped by our apartment that afternoon as we were doing our final packing to briefly catch up, give us hugs, and wish us good luck. These sacrifices of their time really meant so much to me. 


And last, but not least, the family. After we finished with the movers at our apartment and packed up our car on a Friday, we went and spent that night and Saturday with Jason’s parents. They even let our cat, Salem, stay in the house, even though they are allergic to him. (He had quite a fun time exploring and playing around in Jason’s old bedroom.) We spent a relaxing day together on Saturday, eating breakfast, playing games, and hanging out around the house. Saturday night we went out with for a great Italian dinner with his parents, grandma, and family friends. To top the night off, we stopped at a local frozen yogurt hotspot that Jason and I haven’t been to in a while due to not living in the area. It was a great memory we will cherish and the best way to say goodbye to New York. 

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